10 Ways to Entertain Kids During Their Siblings’ Activities – Business Entertainment

If you are blessed with a child who can happily entertain herself for hours, consider yourself lucky and read no further.It’s true that a gaming device may do the trick for an older child but if you are trying to limit screen-time or have a younger child, here are a few ideas for those times when you can’t bear to hear, “Watching Jimmy’s soccer practice is boring” one more time…1. Tell Me a Story Cards (by eeboo) – We love these cards. Available in 4 different themes, they can be used in a variety of ways. For children as young as 3, a simple game of choosing and trading the cards is fun for them. As they get a bit older, the cards can be used for their intended purpose – as a creative storytelling game. The cards are colorfully illustrated with interesting characters and scenes to create one-of-a-kind stories.2. For older children, Bookasaurus carries Logic Puzzles and Math Puzzles (by Usborne). There is no age range on the box but from personal experience, these work best on children 7 years or older. The cards provide interesting “problems” in a fun way. We also like them because they are portable and can consume as little as 5 minutes of time or as much as an hour.3. Books, Books and More Books! – Storybooks to read to younger children or chapter books for independent readers are classics for a reason. They are portable, shareable with friends and less risky to lose than an expensive electronic device. Small, local bookstores have knowledgeable staff and a wide selection to help you find the perfect books for kids of all ages.Along with books to read, consider activity books. Younger children enjoy sticker books, coloring books and easy mazes. Older children can keep busy with word searches, extreme dot-to-dots, Sudoku and crossword puzzles.4. Nail Polish and Face Painting – Good for indoor and outdoor locations, a manicure will delight the little girl in your life and face painting will be a treat for boys and girls. You don’t need to be an artist to make your child feel special. You will probably attract a lot of other children but the other parents will thank you!5. Nearby Cafes – Some of the best parent-to-child time can be found in the most unusual places. I have had wonderful, focused, uninterrupted conversations with my 9 year-old in the Subway restaurant next to my daughter’s dance studio. He gets an after-school snack, plenty of space to do his homework and my undivided attention for an hour.6. Have a Picnic – Indoors or outside, all it takes is a blanket and some snacks and you can create a picnic atmosphere.7. Portable Crafts – Stamps, beads with string, markers and paper can make little hands busy for a while.8. Get Moving! – Go for a walk, bike ride or scooter ride and explore the surrounding neighborhood. Some playing fields are surrounded by a running track. Bring a stopwatch and challenge older children to beat their running times each week.If you are lucky enough to be close to a playground and the weather is amenable, you have just found your entertainment for the next hour – HOORAY! Depending on the weather conditions, remember to keep sun hats, sunscreen, jackets, boots and/or sunscreen in your car.9. Take a Friend/Make a Friend – I happened to be watching one of my daughter’s friends one day while her mother needed to attend a medical appointment. It was time for my son’s basketbaall practice so I brought the friend with us. Just like a playdate at your house can sometimes be a big help to entertain your child, so can a playdate at a local rec center.If your child didn’t bring a friend with her to the practice sometimes kids will make their own friends. Recently I needed to step out of a noisy gym to make a phone call and my daughter started running on the grounds next to the gym. Another girl approached her and the 2 of them spent the next 45 minutes gathering sticks and pine cones to make a “nest” for themselves.10. Train a Babysitter – Short 1 hour activities may be the perfect time to try out a new babysitter at home or bring along a babysitter-in-training as a comfortable way for everyone to get to know each other. This is a great way for a student to earn service hours as well.

Business Dining – Are You a Savvy Host? – Business Entertainment

Believe it or not, there are business etiquette and protocols that should be followed when you entertain a client at any dining meeting. By dining meeting, I mean a breakfast, lunch or dinner. So let’s imagine at the last minute your boss cannot attend an important dinner meeting he has schedule with a new potential client. He calls and asks that you take his place. Would you be comfortable handling this important dinner meeting knowing that you are now “the face” of the company? As with most initial meetings, it’s more about the first steps in building the relationship rather than getting into contract negotiations. It’s the impressions we leave – the company image, the quality and knowledge of the staff, and the business savvy that sets us apart from other companies. It’s these things that make the person we interact with want to do business with us.Follow these savvy etiquette tidbits and serve up a successful business meeting:• Know the restaurant you’re using. It’s worth the effort to cultivate relationships with select restaurants. That way you’ll know what to expect from them and they’ll know your particular needs.
• Always arrive early. Meet your server or maitre d’, make sure they know you’re the host, give them your credit card and instruct them that you will meet them at their station to sign the check as the meal is ending. This is a sophisticated method of handling the check so that it’s never presented at the table or to the client.
• Select the right table. When business is discussed, you want a table with maximum privacy that is away from the kitchen, the restrooms and any mirrors.
• Decide in advance where guests will sit. The host is at the head of the table and your guest (or highest ranking guest) is seated to the host’s right. The second most important person is seated to the host’s left. If you are entertaining a foreign client, do your homework for any cultural taboos. For example, if your guests are Chinese they should never be seated with their backs to the door.
• Greet your guests near the entrance, then allow the maitre d’ to lead you to the table. The guests follow the maitre d’ and you follow the guests.
• If you prefer to wait at the table and have the guests escorted to you, be sure not to order a drink or open your napkin. Always have your guests see a perfectly set and clean table. Look like you just arrived! If you’re seated, be sure to stand up and greet your guest regardless of gender and remain standing until they are seated.
• Offer a beverage. The term beverage is more appropriate than the word drink since many corporations discourage drinking, especially at lunch.
• Diplomatically, let your guests know the limits of your hospitality. For example, if your budget allows for appetizers, recommend a favorite. Or suggest an expensive entrée or nice dessert. Guests should never feel obligated to follow your suggestion, but they will get the idea of what is an acceptable price.
• Always allow the guests to order first.
• Handle every detail. This includes everything from the reservation to tipping the valet. Anticipate your guests’ wishes. Your job is to smooth over any problems or concerns.Remember, when you act well you do well.